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Alien: Uncivil War


Alien: Uncivil War

War will always find a man like you.

This Alien story begins where most end: with a xenomorph loose on a damaged spaceship hurtling through space. Once a highly decorated marine, Chris Temple, a recently widowed single father to two young daughters, Jane, 11, and Emma, 8, is onboard. Despite his particular set of skills, Chris doesn’t get involved in the fight with the alien, instead focusing on keeping his children safe as the ship comes in for a crash landing.

The family land safely on an idyllic outpost planet, where Chris is told that the ship has been destroyed beyond recognition and nothing could have survived the crash. That’s only the first lie. Chris and his daughters love their new life, but something doesn’t feel right. Chris is a paranoid type, but just because he’s paranoid, doesn’t mean he’s wrong.


After narrowly escaping a Xenomorph attack and crash landing on the wrong planet, former military man Chris Temple just wants a peaceful life with his daughters. He just needs to deal with the brewing civil war and a Xenomorph on the loose.


In-Universe year : 2382
Release date : July 2024
Release status : Upcoming



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