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Aliens: Original Sin


Aliens: Original Sin

What the crew of the Nostromo found was an alien life form — a hideous, slavering killer, quicker and more powerful than anything they had known before. Only Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley managed to escape with her life, destroying the Nostromo rather than give the monster a chance to reach Earth.

But she hadn't seen the last of the breed. Now, centuries after the death of the original Ripley, her clone has taken up the fight. And she has found, with the help of an android named Call, a brutal hired gun named Johner, and a paraplegic mechanic named Vriess, that there is more to the Alien horror than meets the eye...


Nearly three centuries ago, the Weyland-Yutani starship Nostromo investigated what appeared to be a distress call emanating from the barren planet Acheron.


In-Universe year : 2385
Release date : November 2005
Release status : Released



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