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Aliens: Music of the Spears


Aliens: Music of the Spears

Damon Eddington will shock the world with his latest opus — the Symphony of Hate — and knows that the unique sound he seeks to personify his vision of hatred is the scream of the Alien. But where and how is he going to find that elusive razor-sharp cry? The answer lies with the man who would see Damon gain his greatest desire and at the same time meet a dramatic downfall...

Together in a spirit of malevolent loathing they bring 'Mozart' back to Earth and the nightmare begins.


New York City, 2124 and the streets are swarming with Alien Jelly addicts and homeless people. High above in air-conditioned offices the powerbrokers look down with disgust. One of them — an entertainment mogul — is planning spectacular revenge on a maniac musician.


In-Universe year : 2203
Release date : September 1996
Release status : Released



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