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Alien: Night Shift

Short film

Alien: Night Shift

While on a routine supplying operation at the mining colony of High Lonesome on the distant exomoon, LV-422, the supply-ship crew-member, Welles, finds the whereabouts of his hungover and disoriented colleague, Harper, who has been missing for the last twenty-four hours. As they reunite with the unsuspecting colonists, Rolly and Springer, more and more, Harper's condition deteriorates, leading to a bloody encounter with something vicious. Will they survive the endless night shift?


When a missing space trucker and his co-worker are reluctantly allowed inside the colony supply depot, the trucker's condition worsens, leaving a young supply worker to take matters into her own hands.


In-Universe year : 2164
Release date : April 2019
Release status : Released



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